Dental Assistants

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Nancy’s experienced dental skills help patients feel comfortable and at ease with any dental procedure! Her special touch and tranquil voice promote a soothing comforting visit for her patients. She is also a mother and grandmother which brings patience and understanding to our team.


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Lori’s enthusiasm for pediatric dentistry is evident throughout the child’s visit. She creates a spunky and fun atmosphere while assisting her patients. As an experienced assistant and a mother of two, she compliments our team well.

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“Liz”, with her soft voice and gentle touch, can transform any child’s fears into a positive experience. As an experienced mother of four daughters, she understands a child’s concerns and easily builds their trust.


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Jonna, a mother of four children, is an invaluable team member. She has the ability to multi-task to ensure that our team runs smoothly throughout the day. Her warm-hearted and genuine caring personality extends to each individual team member as well as our patients.

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